Proposed Changes

The definition of insanity is
Doing the same thing over
And over again, and expecting
different results.

Albert Einstein

  • I will change the culture of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department……
  • I support the establishment of a HUMAN RIGHTS UNIT……….
  • I support the establishment of a CIVIL RIGHTS UNIT………….
  • I will implement guiding principles……………..
  • I will implement a set of values and address all identifiable problems………………..
  • We will announce to the community in an ongoing basis that substantial changes will be made in the department’s delivery of services to the community.
  • I will establish an in-house planning division which will work directly under my supervision. This will give direct ownership to the department and not to an outside entity.
  • We will revise the promotional system to a bottom up style which will allow input from peers supported by management.
  • Every member will be given the opportunity to share their observations about changes and give their input. This will result in a plan of action and will serve as a road map for the transformation of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.
  • I will convene an executive session consisting of members of all ranks within the department and members of the community on a regular basis to answer questions.
  • I will not lose sight of the fact that the deputies and other employee’s will be the ones that will carry out the changes. They play an important role in establishing, maintaining or changing the culture of the organization.

I must say that change within any law enforcement agency is difficult. As a reformer I am aware of the dangers of initiating a new order of things. For me, being the reformer I will make enemies of those who are comfortable and would benefit by keeping things as they are.

The implications of the above quote are applicable to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. As America moved into the Twenty-First Century one thing is readily obvious, the county and the nation are experiencing monumental change.

The transformation has resulted in a major restructuring of our social institutions. In recognizing that these changes are taking place, I must focus on my role, so that the department as an enterprise does not lag behind society, clinging to old ideas, old methodologies, and old assumptions and old measures.

I recognize that social change will continue to occur, and have a fundamental impact on social order. The magnitude of the changes that are taking place in San Bernardino County and the Nation are of such a nature that risk takers are not those who advocate change, but are those who attempt to maintain the status quo by conducting business as usual. Managing change will probably be the most difficult aspect of directing the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. It will require a different way of thinking about how we deliver law enforcement services to the community. It will not be an easy undertaking.

I will make the most of modern technology because technology in the 21st century is having an impact on all aspects of contemporary living.  As a student in the MBA Degree Program I have learned about such developments as optical storage discs, super chips, artificial intelligence, parallel processing, optical computers, nano technology, etc. For most residents in San Bernardino County, and in fact for most citizens of California, these developments are difficult to understand, let alone comprehend their future meaning. I view this as an exciting time in Law Enforcement. It’s exciting because it offers law enforcement an opportunity to participate in a rapidly developing era of information technology, which can be used to improve its service to the communities we serve county wide.

When I use the word change, it is not just a byword for the 21st century; rather, perpetual change will be the expectation. The status quo will not be the norm. It will be the exception.
I will demand accountability of the managers in my administration. Both elected officials and the public will not have to ask “what are we getting for our money?” The answer will be prominently displayed by each member of the Sheriff’s Department. This new way of conducting business will make budget negotiations easier each year.

“The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department is in need of a deep institutional transformation”
                                                                                                                                                              -Clifton Harris