Based on direct and indirect involvement in law enforcement over a period of 40 yrs., my background will play a major role in determining if I am successful. Experience has shown that the more varied the experience, the more likely a law enforcement leader will be successful. I have been exposed to many areas of two large sheriff’s departments working in their administrations. I have been exposed to the many segments of various communities within San Bernardino County and Riverside County having worked for the perspective sheriff’s departments. This combination of experience is invaluable to me.

I possess good analytical skills. I will demand from management in my administration to know what is going on within the sheriff’s department as well as the community at all times. I have the ability to absorb volumes of information and quickly determine priorities. This will be made easier by developing networks within and outside the department. It is not realistic to expect information to automatically come to me, I must actively seek it. I will accomplish this in a variety of ways such as riding along with officers on patrol, attending briefings at stations, walking around the department and maintaining an open door policy.


I will attend community meetings in order to obtain feedback from the community. I will not shy away from bad news. I need to know what problems exist so I can formulate solutions before the problem becomes a major dilemma. I will not wait until there is a crisis because I want to be proactive rather than reactive.


I can only succeed by not being autocratic. I recognize that not all knowledge resides in the minds of my management team; however I will assemble a knowledgeable, talented supportive team. Most important to me is my skill at team building, coalition building and consensus building. I will assess all top level personnel and build a team of cohesiveness. I am not afraid to make tough decisions such as removing someone from management who is not performing properly.


I am good at networking and developing relationships with others. I have the ability to make quick decisions about people and determine what they have to contribute to the organization. I will effectively communicate the department’s vision to both the department and the community. It is my nature to welcome input from others. My trademark is open communication. I will play a dual role as the sheriff’s department’s leader. I on one hand will sit as a member of a management team, while on another I will be the leader the team. It is important to me to see that team members develop to their full potential.

I have never been an egotistical person and I will support team members and ensure that all members of the team continuously develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities. I have always been decisive and willing to make decisions, whether they are easy or difficult. I will know which decisions will require careful analysis and which do not. I recognize that if a decision is wrongly decided it can be reversed with no measurable harm. Some decisions, however, can do irreparable harm to the organization and therefore require careful analysis. I feel that I have the ability to know which category the decision falls in. I am prepared and confident in my decision making ability and will accept responsibility for my decisions right or wrong.


I believe that the ability to decide what is to be done, and then to get others to want to do it is the definition of leadership. I know that a good law enforcement leader must be creative and innovative. I am always searching for ways to do things better. It is not an acceptable practice to maintain the status quo and constantly react to problems and not forge ahead to explore new approaches. I feel that my vision will allow me to find new and better ways to deliver services to our citizens. It is my role to create the vision that enables the organization to strive for improvement. It is also my role to create a culture where people feel comfortable being innovative and creative.


I will do an analysis of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department and a forensic audit. This will be done to provide a picture of where the agency stands compared to the direction the department should be headed. This analysis will reveal any problems and allow time for the development of a plan to address them. The analysis will also give me a mantle from which to articulate a vision, empower members of the organization and present a plan of action for improvement of the department.


I will promote my vision in civic and professional speeches, in meetings, on TV, radio, in newspaper interviews, during staff meetings and through any other means of communication. This is important because the vision must be stated repeatedly so that people will comprehend it. I will be persistent in developing a clear picture of the organization, assembling a good management team, making decisions, and articulating a vision for the department. I will be persistent in my efforts to implement change and improvements.


One of the most challenging undertakings is changing the culture within the organization. This can require years of effort and I will never give up. I will deal with adversity in an effective way and maintain my vision regardless of any difficulties. I will continue to project a positive attitude about my vision even when problems occur. I am prepared to work day and night seven days a week in order to carry out my responsibilities.


My integrity must be unquestionable. There must not be a single question about the integrity that I bring to the table. I feel that moral integrity and standards and values must be beyond reproach. I must demonstrate every day, not only through communications, but also through my actions. I will always adhere to the law enforcement code of ethics. As a practice in life my personal ethics will be incorporated into the values of the organization, the mission of the organization and its overall policies and procedures. If the public trust is to be regained I as a leader must be beyond suspicion. No one should ever have a reason to question my integrity. As I carry out my duties people will not have to guess what I stand for. My vision, programs, and objectives will be well understood and are consistent.